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Friends of Quran Members List, list updated on 1st of June 2012
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  1. Fazlul Karim & Tarannum Ahmed, United Kingdom
  2. Mahmuda Hill, United Kingdom
  3. Jasmin Lahmar, Germany
  4. Sugran Kader, United Kingdom
  5. Khadija Akhter Rezayee, United Kingdom
  6. Farida Ahmed, United Kingdom
  7. Hafiz Munir Uddin Ahmed, United Kingdom
  8. Mohammad Mozam Uddin, United Kingdom
  9. Farida Siddique, Germany
  10. Farzana Afroz, Germany
  11. Ismat Jahan Ahmmed, Germany
  12. Shopna Rahaman, Germany
  13. Taslima Akter Khalil, Germany
  14. Mushrat Zahan & Md. Rafiqul Islam, Germany
  15. Md. Amjad Hossain & Shazia Sultana, Germany
  16. Irean Akter, Italy
  17. Mohammed Akram, Germany
  18. Marina Akter, Germany
  19. Delwar Ahmed Shikder & Nusrat Sultana, Germany
  20. Dr. Sarah Dewan Papia, Germany
  21. Mohammed Waliullah Mia, Germany
  22. Ahnaf Fatmum Waliullah, Germany
  23. Ahmed Muhtadi Waliullah, Germany
  24. Late Dewan Abdul Malik, Germany
  25. Rahima Begum, Germany
  26. Late abdul Jalil Patwari, Germany
  27. Jayeda Begum, Germany
  28. Jakia Amin, Germany
  29. Sidratul Muntaha Ahmed, United Kingdom
  30. Abdullah Al Mamun, United Kingdom
  31. M A Satter, United Kingdom
  32. Ayesha Siddika, United Kingdom
  33. Iqbal & Sonia Ahmed, United Kingdom


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  • A Copy Quran with English translation for every literate Muslims in the United Kingdom and their next door neighbour
  • A Copy of Quran with Nepali translation for every literate Muslims of Nepal and their next door neighbour
  • A Copy of Quran with Bengali translation for every literate Bengali speaking individual in Bangladesh and India
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The best among you is the one who learns Quran and teaches it to others”
  • This is the Book (Quran) about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah – Al Quran 2:2


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Al Quran Academy London

Al Quran Academy London is a UK based International Islamic Da’wah Charity, set up in 2010 with the mission of Quran Distribution

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Quran Distribution Worldwide

In 2010, to mark the 200th anniversary of Bengali translation of the Holy Quran, Al Quran Academy London undertook a brave initiative to convey

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Friends of Quran

Friends of Quran is the Da’wah and awareness project that helps continue all the work of Al Quran Academy London including the free distribution

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